Friday, February 13, 2009

Feeling Blessed

Out of the blue . . . I have been gifted with not one but two wonderful salt and pepper shakers this week. Skippie and Garry arrived back from Rocky Point and brought me this colorful, Mexican set. I love them and will use them all the time. Thanks again!
I was "tending" grands at Trevlyn's this week and noticed this cute Easter shaker set. I thought they were adorable. To my surprise she had bought a second set for me. Can you say robin's egg blue. I'll bring them out every spring and use them to my hearts content. Thank you!!
I'm truly feeling blessed and thankful. It's a big deal to me. And no, I'm not a collector of shakers. Maybe this is just the start though.
Do you have some special s.p. shakers you enjoy?


Emily W said...

Actually for Christmas I got Matt and magnetic set of a fire hydrant and dalmation w/ a fire hat on. It's really cute! Love you! Happy Valentine's Day.

Trevlyn said...

I love my plain old Martha Stewart set of clear glass with big old metal tops.

The set from Skippie are even cuter than you described! Fun Fun!

Brewer's Ink said...

I was admiring a salt and pepper shaker that my husband's Mormor (Swedish Grandma) had. It was a set of 3 Matryoshka dolls that she had gotten from a friend in Russia. To my surprise, she gave them to me the next Christmas. Mormor passed away a few years ago, but I will always treasure those shakers. They are something I use every day.

Your new ones (both sets) are way too cute! Happy shaking!


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