Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rather Random

This one's for you Andy. When I was last at the cannery in Mesa I spotted this volunteer. You can guess why can't you...he's wearing a Spooner shirt. He told me he lived in Hawaii for years and these shirts were his everyday wear. We chatted briefly about how fun, durable and easy care they are and he let me snap a pic with the old cell phone just for you.

I'm learning how to walk with weights on my ankles. I have to pick my feet up a tad bit more. The first day the weights wore a nasty sore on the back of my ankle so I've learned to wear socks that come up higher than the weights. Sometimes I keep them on after I get home and make house cleaning and yard work a little more of a workout. You can tell I look really snazzy walking around the neighborhood!!!
Lastly, when it was all sunny and warm last week I purchased this umbrella stand. My it's come in handy. You know me and the blue thing.
It's still chilly here but the sun is shining and that makes such a big difference. I hope you have a good day and can enjoy even the random things today. I know we can all count our blessings and be gentle and loving to one another.


Trevlyn said...

Ankle Weights: Sexy
Umbrella Stand: Very functional(this week)
Blogover: Let's get together soon to wrap it up! ;)

Maria Nissen said...

Hi Mary Sue-

I keep telling my mom how much bloggers LOVE getting comments. I'm still trying to teach her how to do it. :-) She talks about your blog all of the time, so I thought you should know how much she enjoys it...so this comment is from her and from me. Your blog has such a nice look. I will stop back by again. The closest thing that my gets to a blog is mine, if you want to check it out. :-)

sylvia said...

You did a fantastic job on the chairs. Good for you getting a harder workout with those weights. I don't suppose you wear a sweat headband too? That would be really cute :)

Andy said...

Great Spooner!


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