Monday, February 9, 2009

Patio Chairs

It sure was good to get all my spray painting done last week when it was so sunny and warm. It has turned chilly, windy and rainy. The positive attitude says it, the rain, is good. The rain can water all those desert wild flowers, my budding African daisies and bathe all the dust off the vegetation.

Here is the AFTER photo I told you I'd post of my chairs. I've been trying to upload it for 3 days with no luck so I'm feeling good now. When I went back to the store for that additional can of black paint I just happened to pass through the nursery (hard for me to stay out of there) and spotted the ruffly ranunculus and just had to pick up a pot. I love these pretty flowers. I think my free, curbside chairs cleaned-up well too.
The black chairs replaced the glider bench which is now moved out to the patio (actually dragged back under cover when the rain came). I need to also re-stain and seal the wood...when it dries up.


Trevlyn said...

That looks super! Totally worth the black feet!

Audra said...

Black is back! Great job.

CK said...

very nice!!

MarySue said...

Thanks for the kind comments. It does my heart good. You are so kind.


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