Monday, January 5, 2009


Happy Monday. I'm loving my sunny day and Christmas almost all packed away; Steve will haul "Claudia" to the garage tonight. Tomorrow I get to host the Relief Society Visiting Teaching Conference/Dinner here so that is good motivation to get things in order!!!

Yesterday I got to be Carmen G's transportation from church and then to the rehab center where David currently resides. His recovery seems so painful and it is such a sorrow that Carmen is just barely home and recovering from her broken hip when David breaks his. We spent about 3 hours together and it was unique to "break my fast" in the cafeteria with a grilled cheese sandwich. I enjoyed David's stories, for which he is famous, and you know what is worse than raining cats and dogs.....hailing taxis. I love life's surprises and the blessing to serve.

Thanks to Jody for sharing this with me-I LOVE IT and want to share with you. Giving our time...the most precious gift.


Audra said...

I miss you. Blog more.

MarySue said...

Thanks and love you Audra.


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