Saturday, January 3, 2009


I'll catch up on some blogging and mainly share photos of Christmas and New Years. Kirby has been having a lot of difficulty with the leg and it has put a damper on my blogging. We are all feeling better and more hopeful with another surgery scheduled for this Wednesday. Needless to say this big, love of a dog got a lot of loving over this holidays...and it is well deserved. He couldn't get enough of Dori cuddles.

Christmas dinner at Nally's was fun, festive and delicious. Much thanks.

We welcomed in 2009 with a backyard grill and the first family dinner on my outdoor patio table you've heard about. We squeezed ten around the table and much preferred a squeeze than using two tables. Hard to beat 70* weather and family for January 1st. Thanks to Mark for his expert grilling. Grilling in January is so much better than July in AZ!!!!!

Kirby, wonderful Kirby enjoying the outdoors activity but not running around like usual.

I had originally planned on a ham dinner in the dining room. I think this just might be a new tradition.

Notice the towels in the background....we had two polar bears swimming in the pool to welcome 2009. It was 50 something degree water and gutsy Morgan and Jake plunged in more than once. Someone got pictures I hope-yes, Trevlyn did and you can see photos and a video here.

I like my little snowmen toasting marshmallows...

...but I love my grands toasting them here with us.

January 2 brought a lot of fun bowling, finding just the right ball

...and even stumpy Grammy gave it a shot.

I think I'll look for bowling shoes at my garage sales. We followed up at Macayo's for a great dinner. Fun not having to cook but the frig is packed with left overs.

Linny and Jared left today for that long drive to SLC.

Boy does the house seem empty and quiet. I much prefer bustle. Love, love my family.


Jody said...

That was so much fun I didn't want the pics to stop! I just being included in your daily doings! love ya

Jody said...

oops I ment to say " I just LOVE being included - oh well, consider the source

Trevlyn said...

What a fun recap! We LOVED our time with you all!


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