Sunday, January 11, 2009


It's been a loverly...yes, loverly Sabbath. Inspiring messages at church, beautiful hymns to sing, loving friends to greet and perfect AZ winter weather...thee best. Then I got to come home and prepare a dinner for my loves. Skippie and Garry arrived yesterday, Saturday so it was EXTRA fun to have them join with us and the Nally clan for dinner. Oh, and the extra special dog Abbie was loved by all and she and Kirby are getting to be buds. We enjoyed lots of chatting and the grands impromptu piano would have been proud Audra. Tomorrow we will bid a short farewell as Skippie and Garry head off for a month in Rocky Point but then after that we have them for 2 months of play...and hopefully you Cindy will join us for more fun. Any chance you Jody will come? Family is the best.


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