Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Dear sister Cindy got right to work on the gifted lemons and had them zested and juiced for me. Looks like another batch of lemon curd on the horizon. Thanks Cindy Renee.

I fell head-over-heels for this pillow and did not purchase it. I love it and am having a bit of remorse for passing it up. It would look so good in my living room.

C & I had lunch at Le Grand Orange this week after dropping sister Jody off at the airport. Again I ordered the quinoa and kale salad. It was so good we decided to duplicate it at home. Smugly I report we did a super job. It may look and sound just too healthy to be so good but it's a winner. Kale chopped, quinoa, chopped red bell pepper, hard boiled eggs, chopped green onion, sunflower seeds, grapes, slivers of lemon zest and one of Cindy's killer vinaigrette dressings. Making me hungry just writing about. That lemon zest really put it over the top.

That's my news for now. I hope you're doing fine.

I also want to add that this blog was started as a way to keep in-touch with my family but a big thank you to the others that read and take your time to comment. It means a lot to me.


Happy day, msk


jody said...

Where was the pillow? It's beautiful

MarySue said...

Jody, I cannot recall! )-:


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