Monday, April 22, 2013

Great Day With Family

Trevlyn spent about 3 hours here today helping Cindy set up an Etsey shop/account and a business blog. This talented sister will be showcasing and selling custom painted furniture in the near future. I know her work and it will be spectacular...stay tuned for the grand opening.

Also spectacular in my book is Trevlyn's abilities on the computer. What great work you did today. Much thanks for your hard work and generosity.

Afterward, we treated ourselves to a yummy lunch at Macayo's. I'm loving their sweet corn tamale with Baja sauce. Great day with family.


RoeH said...

Mmmm....Sweet Corn Tamale with Baja sauce. I'm going out to Macayo's today.

RoeH said...

re: Daisy seeds: I could either just drive over and pick them up or mailing is fine. I just don't want to put my address on this comment. Email me at and I'll give you the info.

Daisy seeds --- Yayyyyyy! :)


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