Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Pageant

Family from around the valley converged on The Mesa ArizonaTemple grounds to watch The Easter Pageant yesterday. My sister Jody is in town and came out with son Erik and her 3 AZ grands. I road out with my daughter Trevlyn and my 4 AZ grands. SIL Mark arrived even earlier and staked out a great, grassy hill for us. We chose to spread out our blankets instead of using lawn chairs. It was a beautiful evening, perfect weather, yummy sack dinners and mouth watering freshly baked cookies from Trevlyn.

We were very early to assure good seating so we had plenty of time to visit and relax. How very much I adore and appreciate spending time with family.

The pageant was so well done and truly inspiring. With almost 500 cast members and 100 volunteers there was no shortage of talent. Prior to the performance cast members mingled with the crowd and our younger grands were loving the baby lambs being carried in arms.

My iPad pictures just can't do justice of the stage performance at night but maybe I can snag Erik or Trevlyn's pics to share later.

Yes, my AZ grands are wrapped up in blankets :)

Blanket and sweater here...better safe than sorry and it did turn cool.  I'd say delightfully-cool!

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