Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Still Trying to Gather ALL the Family.

We have been a "spread out family" and getting
a group family picture always seems to allude us.
This is the most current photo from our Family Reunion 2012 at Timber Lakes, Utah
though we a missing Tyler and Dori who were holding the
"East Coast Family Reunion" and Mark who had to work.
Thanks Annette and Andy for our reunion shirts. We all loved them and the charcoal gray was thee perfect color (photo looks light gray).

Gathering almost 3 years ago for Linny and Jared's wedding in the Mesa, Arizona Temple and missing Christie and kids.

Our California beach reunion about 7 years ago-missing Tyler in this one.
Maybe someday I'll have that dream photo with everyone of this great family include.
Until then I'll count myself
exceedingly blessed
to have this precious family in my life
even if not framed on my wall.


Allison said...

Or you will be blessed to not have all your family in one picture because that means that your family has grown so much or that you have grandchildren on missions. Glad to know you got to spend time with your beautiful family.

travelintoadventure@gmail.com said...

totally impress - to see your family all together - love it! I only have three children and 9 grandkids - and hoping for a reunion this year - no set plans but trying to get it set up is crazy .. all three kids are have work issues making traveling an issues..so hopfully if not this year --maybe next year.. I like your T'shirts..super cool every one was in willing spirits to wear them-wink!As in some of my experiences that's not been the case..grin


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