Saturday, July 14, 2012

Reunion Snapshots VI

Kayaking, hammock and the little lake by the cabin.

T on her own.

Unloading kayaks and hammock time.
This is a small lake but just right for our speed and also a nice walk from the cabin.

Top left is O happy to be on the lake. Andy and others next.

You don't get any up close face pictures here but shows the lake in such a good shot.

The big grands had fun on this little lake but really loved it when Grandpa took them to Jordanelle Lake for big time kayaking - no photos of that though.
Today is Saturday and after much of the family headed back to AZ and NM the local SLC bunch are coming back when time becomes available and we love that. It's been raining and we are hoping for a break to grill chicken for dinner. The rain means the gas fireplace is adding warmth and that wonderful glow. We are feeding chipmunks on the back deck along with birds but still wanting another moose encounter.

Sending love and missing you that had to go home. 3

2 comments: said...

beautiful setting for the awesome reunion.. Oh' what a place to live right by a small lake and the grass, mountain air, the pine trees. Oh my goodness beautiful countryside -- making me home sick for Utah..
Hugs, for another day of being surround in beauty..

sylvia said...

It is gorgeous there! It looks like you all had so much fun together.


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