Friday, July 13, 2012

Reunion Snapshots V

Yesterday was a fun, saunter around Park City with Linny and SLK. This is my only cellphone pic but will get others off my camera and share in the future. Being the people-watcher I am, this was very entertaining.

Today was our day to visit Midway. I went online to try and find an address to the HGTV home that was built there but couldn't find address. To my delight we came upon it accidentally and it is for sale. Silly gal in Pennsylvania who won it didn't move in like I would had I been the winner.

We went shopping in here and picked up a few bobbles. I love the Swiss heritage in this town and how it is reflected in the buildings.

We came upon a dairy and bought some raw milk, cheese curds, cheese spread and another cheese. This is a 4 generation operation and the owner was out visiting with us. Really friendly and enjoyable. Yes, I bought the milk and paid the bottle deposit just so I could have one of these bottles...Heber Valley Milk.

Photo taken too far away but this was a stunning home. Add to people watching house watching.
The weather is changing quickly here. Sun has disappeared and the wind through the trees is making quite the symphony. Wishing you all well. 3family

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enjoyable to what you are seeing- love that last photo of the house I could live in that.. glad you are enjoy your time - it rain really hard today in magma ranch and I tooks so awesome photos of the cloud this morning.. boy this monsoon weather has some amazing cloud show.. but so does Utah!
Hugs...for an evening under the stars..


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