Friday, June 1, 2012

Waistline Alert!!!

Today is National Donut Day.
Now that's a holiday to celebrate.

I heard on the news that LaMar's and Krispy Kreme's are offering a free donut
if you show up at one of their stores.

The grands love it when their grandpa takes them to
LaMar's on a Saturday morning after a sleepover.

I am partial to the Old Fashion or Sour Cream donut but then . . .

a maple bar puts a big smile on my face and my waistline.
Oh dear.


Julie Harward said...

I went there once...couldn't decide on which one to choose, so I ate 6 choices! Really...never been back since, bad for my health! A very touching video in the post above, my heart aches.

Anonymous said...

Yummy - I was known as the dount queen in my family growing up..Once married I slowly left that behind me - wink! But i still love a good donut from time to time like that old fashion type too..


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