Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ready or Not

What a thrill. These 5 precious grands will be here tomorrow, Thursday. They have been living in the East and the last time they were here there were only three grands and they were so very, very young that I don't think they remember it.
Photo: This was a special chair to the family so we incorporated it into the shoot.

Oh what fun.
I can hardly wait.
And the parents Jesse and Christie are just great
and I'll be overjoyed to see them too.
Photo: This was a perfect place for this family since they would be leaving PA for NM. On to more exciting life history!


Julie Harward said...

WOW, you are in for some fun! What a beautiful family too. But then after going to girls camp, this will be mild! That cake at camp was so awesome! It tops what I did once as a stake camp director...I had an ice cream truck come! ;)

Teresa said...

Wow- I know how you feel...have fun.
Happy Day


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