Saturday, June 16, 2012

Camp LoMia

Yes, Camp LoMia is a part of many of my family members lives. It is our church's camp outside of Payson, AZ for the girls, Young Women, to attend. I first went there when I was about 13 yrs. with my darling friend Dorinne Gibson Hawkes and I wasn't even a member of her church then. What an experience that was and led to much happiness in my life.

After my years as a girl at camp I have had many years attending as a cabin mom, camp cook, stake camp director and stake Young Woman's president.
I thought those years were behind me until dear friend Kathy Schroeder was asked to be head camp cook this year and invited me to be on her "team". I felt old and arthritic but . . .
it was Kathy.
How can I tell her no!!
And the team . . . well just some of my very favorites in the world
Cheryl W.
Claudia M.
Melissa I.

and the muscle help was none other than
Walt V.
(dear Sandi V. says of her husband Walt that he is her personal MacGyver
and I agree that he can do it all!)
Pat McF.
also came in to help whenever he wasn't helping in another area of camp
and was great also.
Yes, I ached in soooo many places and longed for some good sleep but would not have missed this event for anything.
This year is the 100th birthday of girls camp through our church and Kathy, the extra miler, wanted to do it up big.
The following photos shows her 5'X8"X8" cake that blew everyone away.
Kathy baked all 36, 8 inch cakes and brought them up frozen.
It was incredible to assist her assemble it all.

These are not the typical birthday candles but extra large and colorful.
I love how Kathy piped the roses and will be trying that myself soon.
Here in the ramada the girls are all in their pink camp shirts and rather spell bound.

None were in their seats when the cake was cut down the middle and separated. All girls and adults rushed to get a close look.
When someone said that there were a lot of impressed little girls there, Brother Pat McF said there were a lot of impressed big men there too.
The cakes were on their "end" and layered together in case this is confusing to you.
Maybe some day I'll even tell you how "that Kathy" conned we other 4 ladies into her skit where we sang a Beyonce song (Put A Ring On It or is it All the Single Ladies?) with camp cook lyrics. Oh, the funniest was that Phillip L. showed us the dance moves to that particular song as we were in Kathy's driveway packing the cooks trailer just before leaving!!!!
Oh, there is just so much about a camp experience.
Thank you Kathy for your example of service and going the extra mile.
You're really terrific.


Dori Knight said...

Oh to see a video of you guys doing that skit......

Lindsay said...

my thoughts exactly, dori. sounds hysterical and fabulous. love it love it and all of the people involved. xoxo

kms said...

MSK has got the moves.

Many tried to get an encore performance, but the kitchen help wouldn't hear of it.

Always leave 'em wanting more!

Angela said...

Awesome cake Kathy! And I'm a third vote for a video! We're going to camp at the end of June, but we're in tents. I'll definitly be missing LoMia. :)

Anonymous said...

wow what would it be like to be around great friends and be in service -- you are blessed!

Anonymous said...

OK...I'm soooo impressed with the entire group of pictures and your words. But how did you serve it after you split it.

Much love, Skippie

Trevlyn said...

So ahhhhwsome and even more gorgeous (and tasty) in person! You ladies are such great blessings to those young women!

Teresa said...

Holy Cow amazing cake! Sounds like camp was a blast!

Sister Taylor said...

I loved Camp LoMia! I went there 7 years (came back an extra one as a counselor). When I was little, our stake went up to help on some building projects. This was in the early 60's (Tempe Arizona Stake)


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