Thursday, May 17, 2012

What's Special Here?

I've snagged a couple photos from NieNie's blog . . . I hope that is okay.
I appreciate her views and attitude on her blog but reading it today . . .
there was something SPECIAL.

These photos are from their appearance on the Anderson Cooper show.

Okay kids, what is so special here?
Maybe your aunties have figured it out!
Take a guess . . . anyone.

Just a reminder that The Painted Porch sale starts today (click to see some of the great items for sale). Hope you will come if you're in the Phoenix area. To the family out of state, let me know if you want to buy anything you see and I'll bring it up this summer.


Jody said...

The only thing special I see are the kids wearing saltwater sandals!

Anonymous said...

msk said: Jody is the WINNER.

Trevlyn said...

i know, they're adorable! thanks for the shout out and all your support for our little venture! love you!

Kristeen said...

I am new here in AZ -- and to your blog love what I read about here - I'll be back = thanks for all the ideas!


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