Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thrifting Finds This Week . .

Pretty, little girl bust on a marble base. She spoke to me and I thought she might sell at the boutique and if not I knew of 2 places she might grace my home.

Red, wooden bowl. Sooo many holidays, occasions call for red and I could use this often:
July 4
Christmas . . .
and anytime I want to fill it with popcorn, crackers, bread, you name it.

Large, hand-painted salad bowl.
I may take this cutie back.

Orvis fish creel and "bark" candles still wrapped.

This was totally an emotional purchase and I didn't even consult with my brain.
Soft, old, mellow leather.
You can see one of several holes that are spaced around the top to cinch it closed but missing the leather drawstring. Can you believe I only spent $3.00 for it. I know, I hear you . . . now what are you going to do with it???

Triple wooden candle sticks.

First I tucked her into the living room book shelves
but then moved her to the entry table. Not sure yet.
You can't see much detail on her but it's there and pretty.

Here is the wall leading upstairs. I keep reworking it but maybe I'm finished. See the bronzie sconce that I shared with you last week. I'm really pleased with it here.

Above the sconce is a cherub I purchased yearssssssssss ago at a Renaissance festival and below it is the precious watercolor original SLK and I purchase while in England in the 1983.

A today's thrify is the square, hand-painted plate from Italy.
I think my spacing is a bit "off" and I may be tweaking. One of my treasures is the watercolor fish Linny painted while in grade school . . . love it-and to it's right is the loved photo of red poppies Tyler took and sent me from Portugal for mother's day.

That's enough for now. Love cheap, fun treasures. I just read an article on Lara Spencer in the June House Beautiful about how she loves yard sales and thrifting. I actually loved every page of that issue and probably drooled on several pages.


Jody said...

Hey, your wall is looking great. Love it and you also!

Jody said...

Hey, your wall is looking great. Love it and you also!

Lindsay said...

gallery wall looks GREAT! i'll call you to chat about it but am at work (working very hard, obviously). i also love love love the leather backpack! score! i wonder what adventures it has been on..

Teresa said...

Love your finds- and old leather is the best.....made a little notebook.
Thanks for sharing your treasures.


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