Monday, April 16, 2012


I thought I'd share a few goodies I found on Pinterst.
Do you "Pin"?

. . . in my case "when i walk".
Example, example, example.
I sometimes wish for a do-over.

Don't judge a hero by the size of his cape.
I am such a fan of BSA.

Aah, mother love, it started
even before my eyes saw my babies.

Sending you wishes for a Monday that catches you smiling
and counting your blessings.


Angela said...

Awe, love that last one, MSK. And your description of it. Thanks for sharing!

Jody said...

Good, good thoughts! I especially loved the last one. You're the Bomb! love and hugs

Trevlyn said...

Super cute! I love the "cape" and am coveting that blue desk!


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