Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Green Week . . .

. . . and this couldn't be any more random. But it is green.
The Terri Lee dolls were thee thing when I was a sprout.
Isn't she cute in her green Girl Scout uniform.
Unfortunately I don't have my doll
but I do have the grateful memories of Mom and Dad giving it to me.

Getting away with sharing a sign I saw at Tai Pan Trading
and there's a good amount of green here...so silly.
Here's to good women.

Tis the season of asparagus . . . on sale in at least one of our local grocers.
And yes, I save all the rubber bands.

My zucchini is up and going gangbusters. We'll be eating it soon the way it grows.

Green flashback. I licked and pasted many a S&H Green Stamp Mom got for her grocery purchases. It was so fun going through a Green Stamp catalog to pick out the rewards and hoping we had enough books to redeem.
Wishing you a great week of greenness.

1 comment:

Amy Lee said...

the thought of zucchini is making me want chocolate zucchini bread. Yum!!!


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