Friday, March 23, 2012

Utah Swim Meet 2012

Here is 10 year old grand H, in white, team cap. He had a great swim year and qualified for many races. This was a 3 day event with races and family cheering.

Aunt Dori, Annette and Andy in the stands. We were a big team of support and love.

Grand O, turned 9 during the meet, awaiting his race. This was his first year swimming and he did so well. Both boys gave it their all.

Double Bubble helps fill in the time during races for Miss P and I.

Great flags.

This photo shows H coming in 1st in the Butterfly, his strongest event.

H off the block.
The kids are there somewhere :)

H in the Back Stroke.

H with coach.

Off the block.

The family after one of the evening events. P is hiding.

Fam plus Dori and their neice M.

During a bit of spare time I had a good time checking out a store filled with emergency food storage and "stuff". Even Wal*mart has 2 isles full of emergency prep foods.
I wanted to try these and if good I'll get more when we head to Utah for our family reunion.
Scone Mix
Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix
6-Grain Pancake Mix
Buttermilk Biscuit Mix
The Morning Moo is for my personal storage and I can recommend it-better than any brand you'll find in a regular grocery store.


Teresa said...

Cute pictures =) I love swim kids grew up doing swim team...happy day

Dori Knight said...

Seriously SO much fun and already looking forward to next season. I don't care if they can't hear me screaming for them, I'm just going to keep getting louder and louder!!!

Trevlyn said...

great photos! we love our cocoa mix! thanks for sharing!

sylvia said...

Fun time with the Utah grands!


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