Thursday, March 22, 2012

May I Introduce You

I've been away a bit. See good old Y Mountain, yup, we made a trip to Provo, Utah, home to Brigham Young University. Two of our grands were participating in the Utah State Swim finals. It was a great time with family and much cheering. Pictures to come shortly.

The day after we got home I rescued two young cats I had been feeding at an abandoned home in the neighborhood.
May I introduce you to Hazel and her brother

The following day they visited our dear friend and vet Dr. Greg and now there will be no kitties in this family. I think these two are about 6 months old. They are calming quickly, adjusting and my lap in occupied at times with purring loveliness.

A great thank you to you that left such fun advice for our family reunion. You really are great you know.


Harriet said...

What great cats - I shall look forward to hearing how they settle in.

Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Beautiful kitties! Our big yellow cat, "Mr. Sully" was found out in the woods when he was so tiny...seems to me these cats found and taken in are the best!! (He's so spoiled..and yours will be it!!)Hope you are having a lovely day.

Angela said...

Did Linny tell you I saw Steve walking on campus as I was leaving work?! It's been like 10+ years since I've seen him, so I wasn't confident enought to walk up and say hi, but glad you enjoyed the trip!

Trevlyn said...

Such cute photos of your little sweeties! They're really so precious!


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