Thursday, February 2, 2012

Utah Trip

This post is a bit delayed but I do want to post the pictures as a family history of sorts.
The pictures are a little out of order, that's not new for me though.
I'm not sure who took this photo during a prayer...ahem...but this is SLK giving the grave site Dedicatory Prayer after his father's funeral. We were blessed that it was an unusually balmy day for Salt Lake City in January.

I was so grateful for my lovely and supportive children a grandchildren. What comfort they were to both SLK and me. Love and thanks dear ones.

Here are my two 13 year old grands that were my driving companions for the long trip from AZ to UT. Oh how I love them and so needed and appreciated their presence and conversations mile after mile. The day before they and the Nally clan got a personal tour of the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Provo where their great uncle is a counselor in the presidency. Jake also go a missionary haircut at the BYU barber shop.

We gathered for a family dinner at Andy and Annette's church building after the funeral services. This was the kids table with 6 of our treasured grands. This was a good time when we could continue to visit, reminisce and strengthen family bonds. Love abounded. I hope to yet get other photos from this event.

After the services on Friday, Saturday turned snowy and this was a Sunday morning picture of a tree in Andy's yard. The church parking lot was an ice rink but it all looked least to a desert gal.
View from Andy's front porch.

Grand O who had just frosted a cookie and popped it into his mouth.

I was delighted to go with Andy to the dog wash to help shampoo Javi. We had on our big, water proof aprons and this was fun...I love doing most anything with my darling, adult children.
View of our very scary trip home. This is just where we were fish-tailing into the oncoming lane on extremely snow-packed roads. This IS a color photograph so you can tell just how white and gray it was.

After many hours we got into AZ and better conditions. This is just south of Page, AZ and there is something so appealing to me of snow on the red rocks.

We continued to have snow on and off even in AZ and were thankful when we got south of Flagstaff, warmer weather and eventually home.

How thankful we were to be with all of SLK's extended family too and celebrate his father's life.


Teresa said...

It's always hard to say goodbye to those we love- thank heaven for the Gospel and family. At my age it seems funerals become family reunions...sad but true.
Glad you had your "grands" to help and Holy cow that ride home.....I don't do snow well :/
Glad you are home safe and sound.

Trevlyn said...

Great photos! :) What a treacherous drive home! Vegas, Baby!

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