Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Flowers For My Sisters

I wish I had the eye and ability both my sisters have. They are simply great with anything relating to growing flowers. I so admire their talent at knowing what to plant with what to make a bed or pot just jump out at you with beauty. I'm not bad at this but I know where I stand and it is a little intimidating to show my flowers knowing what I know of my sisters.

Be that as it we go. And I will add that January in Arizona is pretty nice. February and March are usually my peakmonths for flower bloom though.

Lavender is really putting on the blooms and the bees LOVE it. I wonder if there is lavender honey being produced somewhere???

It's so nice to bring a rose into the house to brighten a spot. This hanging vase came from a favorite spot, Saturday Market in Portland, Oregon. A must visit if you get the chance.

Well Girls, there you have it for the backyard patio...most of it. Wish you were here to sit outside with me, sip a cup of gingerbread herb tea, listen to the bird songs and let the sun relax your bones. Sending you love.


Jody said...

Wow loved the saying below and also the flowers! Hugs to You

Julie Harward said...

I wish I was there...sounds wonderful! That is the most beautiful color for a rose, love it! ;D

Teresa said...

My garden is just now starting to think about sending out a few blooms, still a little cold here. Enjoy your nice weather =)

Cindy said...

OOOOOh thank you. Loved all the pictures. I could almost smell the rose. Have some questions about some of them the next time we talk. Your lavender verbena look beautiful.
love you, Cin


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