Friday, February 24, 2012

Can You Handle Anymore Flowers???

Won't you join me for a little break in my backyard,
but remember you can't be a fraidy-cat!
With all this blooming going on the bee activity is at a high pitch.
I've always claimed to have nice bees in my yard and tell the grands to do no harm.
I even rescue bees from the pool.

That white, empty-looking pot is full of seedlings from Jody's snapdragon seeds I brought back from Oregon last summer. Just ignore that mess you see in the background. Front empty-looking pot has the basil seedlings.

I live in 1980 "tract" housing and my neighbors are right on top of me.
I'm grateful that we have neighbors we've always gotten along with.

The red geranium in the yellow pot was Dori's that she gave me when I went to Utah for Thanksgiving. I keep her posted on how happy "she" is in Arizona. The little Margarita daisy next to it is a volunteer. Just love those sturdy volunteers.
My desk and computer is right behind those "Arcadia" doors and I look out at the back side of this view with gratitude daily.

And of course you remember the self-seeding African daisies. They are taking over the whole place and that's just fine and dandy with me. They are also in full bloom in the front and what a punch of color they are.

This could just be the saddest looking tomato plant ever. It wintered over and keeps hanging on. I'm even getting good tomatoes off of it. There's a lesson here about not judging by looks but by their fruits!!!

The bees are JUST WILD for the lavender and it's self-seeding too.
I've got little starts all over. It is so delicious smelling.

I don't usually get coral colored geraniums but am loving these.

This is Skippie's gardenia that has been "mine" for the last two years. No blossoms....yet.
More nasturtium love.

No close ups of the lemon trees but yummy blossoms on them too...just heavenly fragrance.

Now, I really wish we could spend time together back here. We'd just chat, and laugh and have a good-old-gal time together. I might have to move into the shade if it gets too warm though.How about some lemonade?


Cindy said...

Love, love, love your pictures. I showed them to Roger, and he said, she's a "pot girl" too!!!

Jody said...

it's a botanical garden in your backyard. The colors are so yummy. Enjoy! Hugs

Janae Sorensen said...

"If you would have a mind at peace,
a heart that cannot harden,
go find a door that opens wide
upon a lovely garden."

Thanks for the lovely "stroll" through your beautiful did my heart good! Now I know just who to run to for starts if and when I ever get a garden of my own again.

Teresa said...

Beautiful, beautiful! My flowers don't look like that until May-
Thanks for have an awesome backyard.

Thecurateswife said...

What a wonderful reminder of summer ( a long way off for us yet). The colours in your yard are glorious!!


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