Thursday, February 23, 2012

Appreciating Color and . . .

. . . being able to purchase such wonderful produce from my grocer.

Healthy, vibrant green kale on my thrifting pastry peel.

Purple onions and the thrifting pink cast iron Dutch Oven for a dear DIL.
The angle is deceiving but the D.O. is 5-6 qt. size.

Green, organic EVOO and amber honey with a big chunk of honeycomb.
Can any of you pass along ideas what great thing I can do with the honeycomb.

A tower of blue berries. It seems I can find them on sale somewhere every week.

Red bells and Romas. I'm glad my basil is "coming along" to add to these combos.

Lemons and avocados. It's almost embarrassing how excited I get
over this produce that decorates my kitchen.

Do you too love the color of Bosc pears . . . that rusty brown.
Add to it a ripe pineapple and orange Clementines, such sweet gifts.

Oh the humble, brown potato; such a staple and oft unappreciated gem.
Would you like to share with me what colors you're enjoying in your kitchen please?

P.S. Yesterday was laundry day, remember all the afghans and quilt to wash along with the "regulars", well, the dryer element wouldn't heat so just a cold fluff of air for a couple of minutes then onto my "solar" dryer lines. Certainly was glad to have that and a warm, sunny day.
Do you have a dryer backup?


Julie Harward said...

No solar drying lines here, it's too windy! Today the wind is just howling something awful. We are so lucky to have such produce! :D

Cindy said...

Beautiful colors---great photography too!

Cindy said...

Beautiful colors---great photography too!

kms said...

I'm thinking some of that went into your delicous zupa! Thanks for sharing. You are so thoughtful.

Christie K said...

Made me hunger!

sylvia said...

Gorgeous colors. Fresh produce makes me and my kids happy.


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