Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Sour

Giving thanks that Dori made it home in safety last evening.
Long drive, dirty car
but safe!!
One of her first requests was sourdough hotcakes for breakfast.
Yes mam.

This was her first trip home since beloved dog Kirby passed. I knew it would be hard on her. The girls would always call when they drove into the neighborhood so Kirby could be waiting for them on the front porch. The heart(s) is still very tender.
Dori expressed her love and tribute this morning in a carving on our railroad tie.
Counting my blessings
on a busy day.
Praying for the JCK's safe drive all the way from PA to GA this day.
Oh the blessing of a loving family.


Dori said...

It might get easier, as time goes by, to come home to a Kirby-less house, but it'll never be the same without my perfect man (

Lindsay said...

love it, thanks for doing that dori. wish we were there with you all!!!!!! love and miss you.


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