Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Ideas

Still trying to figure out how to display larger images . . . oh well.
This is my display of my sentiment.

Love the cheeriness of this colorful vignette .

Just another reason to be picking up silver plate at the thrift stores.

At this blog you can print this off free.


Yes, another way to display your silver.

A free online print here.

I have 3 or 4 fat little trees in burlap. I'm thinking I'll just thin them out with my wire cutters and then spray some canned "snow" on them. Can't hurt . . . right???

Wrap presents in Trader Joe's sacks.
And I just left my TJ sacks in Utah!!!!

This photo is so pathetically small you may not be able to see all the pots in which bulbs are being forced. Love my Paper White narcissus for Christmas and into the New Year. So lovely to have pretty white blossoms when all the Christmas decor is taken down.

I'm such a lazy girl I don't know if I'll make my own mercury glass ornaments but at least I know where to find the

How to give a little Christmas cheer in the kitchen.

This impacted me in a really good way; loved it.

Make some snowflakes with directions here.

We traditionally make our pomanders every year. Set them out in a pretty or rustic bowl and enjoy the colors, designs and fragrance all Christmas. It helps to use a nut pick to poke holes in the citrus prior to the cloves.

The key to Christmas is our Savior Jesus' birth. A great home evening together telling the reason for Christmas then adding a key to the tree as a reminder.

Here we go with the itty bitty picture again...loved the idea of lights draped over the logs.
I bet you didn't need any ideas or inspiration from me. Maybe this was just for me but I do love sharing. Sending love,


Trevlyn said...

Fun post! Time for a trip to Trader Joe's!

Audra said...

I love the idea of using a nut pick to prick the citrus before you insert the cloves. SO SMART! I love the smell of cloves and oranges.


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