Monday, December 12, 2011

Baking Bread Again

Yesterday I posted at our family recipe blog
Knights In The Kitchen
the recipe for No Knead Bread.
I've just made it twice but I'm already in love with this very artisan bread. And I'm loving using the cast iron, enameled Dutch oven. Did I tell you I got a second cast iron, enameled Dutch oven on sale in Utah during my Thanksgiving trip...did. Love cooking and now baking in Dutch ovens! Actually, I started baking in a big, old black Dutch oven in the 1970's when I was loving Basque sheepherders bread. I'll share that in the future. The kids LOVED that bread.

Here's the moist, bubbly dough I stirred together the night before...takes minutes. Let it work its business for 12 to 20 hours like this. You can go to the link above and get the recipe. Better yet click on the link from that sight and read much detail...helpful. Better yet, here's the quickest link and so worth reading.

My finished 1 lb. loaf.
Oh my the kitchen smells so good.

Here's "her" close-up. Crusty and cracked is beautiful when it comes to artisan bread.
Note: I didn't bake it as long as it called for, shortened the time a few minutes.

And I'm stillllllllll decorating! Remember the thrifty copper colander...added holly and a candle for some Christmas kitchen the idea from Pinterest of course.
The candle needed to be taller so I set it on an upside down saucer. Felt resourceful.
I'm feeling very Oregonian...gray skies and much rain. Our desert needs it but I feel sorry for vacationers that came here to bask in the sun. This condition should stay through Wednesday but I'm fine with that. I know I have much sunshine on the horizon.

Sending you Christmas love.

P.S. Here's a blog Mary T. just recommended to me and I'm passing it along to you. I know, another blog ;) Na Da Farm Life...with Anne Marie.
P.S. 2 Do you think you'll make this bread? I'd LOVE to hear about your loaf.

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Teresa said...

oh man.... you are making me want to bake bread today....just may do it....pinning this so it will remind me.
Merry Christmas


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