Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun Times

Yes, August, yesterday reaching the 113* record temperature and I'm having fun!

That's due in part to FAMILY here in town, I know,
who comes to ARIZONA in August?!?!

Well, Andy is here this week for business and we went shopping - Last Chance - and to dinner after his work meetings and then out to Trevlyn's for such a fun evening. I love it when I get to observe my darling children interacting, laughing and telling stories. Pure JOY.

Linny and Jared left SLC this morning and will be here in time for a family dinner and then we're all going to see a movie. Just more JOY.

Today I put this together...easy, easy and tastes oh so good-Rosemary Oil.
Get yourself a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil (evoo). I like several brands but I also make sure I purchase oil in a glass bottle not plastic. Take the little plastic "plug" out of the bottle and add five 4" sprigs fresh, cleaned rosemary and 3 cloves peeled garlic (to 2 c. evoo). I slightly crush the garlic as I peel it and that just lets more of that garlic infuse into the oil. Don't crush if you want less garlic flavor but really, can we get enough garlic!?!
Let this concoction "brew" 10 to 14 days then take the rosemary and garlic out of the oil. Keep covered and refrigerate. Try brushing this on toasted crusty bread or toss 1 tsp. of oil with 1 pound of cooked red potatoes. I love this as a dipping sauce or over pasta. Great also in a vinaigrette.
And let's talk about growing your own fresh rosemary. Very easy. I have two pots of rosemary in the kitchen so no shortage there and it looks delightful growing on a window "ledge".
Even though the "kids" have flown the coop and are adults, I'm still wanting fresh-baked cookies awaiting them. These are a old favorite called "Cowboy Cookies". It's basically an oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie.
I made this batch with mint chocolate chips that I found last week when I reorganized the food storage cubby. Maybe I'll smuggle a bagful into the movie tonight.
Off to get my 2 loads of laundry off the clothes lines (solar drier), folded and put away. Have I ever admitted to liking to do laundry? I DO! And let's face it, the machines do the work.

Feeling full of gratitude.

Happy day, msk

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