Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day Camp Grammy

Sharing some of the fun-with-grands in a roasty-toasty summer.
We all went to one of my favorite, childhood ice cream parlors.
The good old Sugar Bowl in Scottsdale AZ .
Grands are such great company.
I love spending time with them and only wish they all lived closer to me!!!
Anything with - HOT FUDGE - will always be a hit with me, thanks!

Anything with SUGAR will be a hit with this grand. Major SWEET TOOTH!

A real counter with stools and chocolate sodas.
But, alas, they would not make me my favorite...A HOT FUDGE MILK SHAKE. I showed them, I didn't order anything. Just too disappointed to get anything else. Boy don't I sound spoiled. I'm not. Really.

This is where the buddies comment in droves about how unspoiled I am ;).
Happy day, msk


Julie Harward said...

LOL Spoiled! (just like me) That is the cutest place! I love to go to places like this, neat name for it too. Cute grands, how fun for all of you! :D

Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Well, I think all Grandmas are spoiled to a certain extent...hee, hee. Next time we come to the Valley of the Sun - hopefully, when it's a little cooler, we are going to have to look up this cute. Thanks for sharing..

kms said...

It's not like you are the type that will go to a McDonald's drive thru for a chocolate icecream cone and then drive off empty handed if they only have vanilla... Oh... wait... yes you are =)

Here's to getting our way!

MarySue said...

kms-you do know me so very well...scary well. But then you can only know that by being with me eating chocolate cones!!!

Teresa said...

Spending time with the grandkids is always a blast....cute pictures.

tessa said...

You inspired us. For the kids/Steve's last day of summer we took them to the Sugar Bowl. They thought it was awesome. It was a fun walk down memory lane for Steve and I too, one of our first dates. Thanks for the great idea. Love that place.


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