Monday, July 18, 2011

Adding Fun to Blogs

Thanks much for your kindness/comments on my anniversary post - each of you. I had fun with this in the past putting up my blog anniversary announcement as a puzzle with Vanna White turning the tiles - see it here.

Since you asked Julie in your comment and Cindy in your phone call I can tell you to go here and you can do the same on your blog. The site is There are several ways to "announce" just about anything.

There, I did it. It's fun to share so others can have fun on their blogs too.

Would you announce a birthday, engagement, honor roll student, house for sale - a house sold, a mission; the ideas are endless.

I've already created next years anniversary blog through this site and it's just saved until July 2012. Fun silly.

Dare I be redundant and tell you - PHOENIX IS HOT!
The clothes on my solar drier are dry quickly! I can hardly believe there are a few tomatoes and zucchini still growing at these temps. I'm always amazed that the Mexican Bird of Paradise

and the Bougainvillea (didn't save my photo's of this beauty) still bloom in this heat.

I'm working at having a fun, simply great attitude in my AZ SUMMER.

And yes family, yesterday I got my ticket to OREGON. I'm so extremely blessed to have loving family that welcomes my escape from the heat and I love being with them and the cool Oregon greenness.

Wishing all a happy summer day regardless of weather. Oh the power of attitude.
Happy day, msk


nlybbs said...

Love your Mexican birds of paradise! What beautiful colors! Congrats on your anniversary :) I love reading your blog! It's definitely one of my favs! Thanks for the smiles MSK!

the conleys said...

that sign is so clever/funny..

LOVE the bird of paradise and am crossing my fingers i get to see it in a couple of weeks!!!

love you so much

MarySue said...

I'll cross my
if it would help to get you home for a visit Linny!

Julie Harward said...

I will have to check that it! Stay cool and enjoy summer time! :D


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