Friday, June 17, 2011

Thank You

Though I do not feel up to blogging and pretending to be happy over some new recipe or flowers in the garden I do very much feeling like saying-


for your kind and tender blog comments, Facebook comments, calls, prayers, cards and even treats delivered to the door.


It has gone a long way to help a shattered heart start to mend.
I may sound melodramatic to some but to those who know me they understand the extreme bond of love I had with this faithful companion.
Big, inside dog, cuddler, watchdog.
Squirrel chaser.


cottage feel said...

just be rest assured that our Lord will strengthen every step of the way and give your hearts joy once again - missed but, never forgotten -

love ya, maria - cottage feel-
Victorville, CA

Emily said...

WE ALL LOVE YOU AND WE ALL LOVE KIRBY!! Like the previous comment, Kirby will NEVER, EVER be forgotten! It's hard to move on.... kind of feel guilty for smiling or laughing... but Kirby wants you to be happy ~ and still go on walks. I know it's hard and will be for awhile.... nobody can mend that pain but time. Don't forget we love you and our prayers are still with you! Muah!

Blue Eyes said...

Mary Sue, I am so sorry to hear Kirby. The unconditional love and loyalty of a dog cannot easily be replaced and teaches us how to love as well. You deserve such love again and I truly hope you will find it. How blessed we are to know we will have our pets in heaven! Know that you are loved and missed as well, especially by our daughter Becca, who was the recipient of so many kindnesses from you.
Just know that Kirby is well and happier than ever!
Soon you will be together again.

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for sharing some pictures of your Kirby...very tender and sweet. I just know that we will be with our sweet pets again in Heaven. I still think of my pets who have passed away over the years..that love will be eternal. (Come find me on FB, Julie Harward) :D

Jody said...

I love you and glad that each day will be a little bit easier for you to motor around the house without your Kirby. Hugs

the conleys said...

Kirby couldn't have had a better Momma. He loved you, I'm sure as much as you loved him. He looked forward to being with you every single day and being by your side. He knew how much you loved him. He loved your cuddles, walks, backyard hangouts. He was one blessed dog. And we were tremendously blessed to be loved by him as well.

Eager to see you in the morning. Love you so much.

MarySue said...

Cottage feel: You are new to me and I wish I could comment on your blog to tell you thank you for your kindness and sharing your faith. I agree.

Emily: thank you for that great love and compassion.

Blue Eyes: Becca must have told you of Kirby passing. Thanks so much for coming to my blog and sharing such love and uplift.

Julie: A true blogfriend. I will try to connect on F.B. Thanks for sharing.

Jody: Your love and daily calls sustain me.

Linny: SO, SO sorry this trip home will be minus YOUR beloved Kirby. We will rejoice in good memories.


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