Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ready or Not!!!

Here she comes . . . my sweet sister Cindy . . . from chilly, rainy Portland, Oregon. I'm so excited to have her here for 2 weeks. And I am not ready but she will be gracious and understanding of my unfinished kitchen and multiple "piles" I am sorting to take up to Utah later this week. She will understand the spackle that dots various rooms awaiting to be sanded then painted. She will understand that area in the backyard that really needs weeding. We will laugh often and no one will understand our humor and just how hard we do laugh. We will do fun stuff and then we will do stuff that is just old regular stuff but we will have so much fun while doing it. Safe flight dear one. You are in my prayers.

Still sorting and sorting and sorting through waaaay too much stuff. I found this canister of turmeric.

Try and purchase some today and see how much it will cost you!!!

The stamp says 13 Aug 76 !!!!
I almost don't want to toss it . . . it's so
vintage !

Cindy is really, really good at tossing.
She will be such a big help when I want to
hold-on to stuff I shouldn't.

Happy day, msk


Julie Harward said...

Nothing like sister time...you have a blast over these next two weeks..sisters are so fun cause you can really let your hair down with them! ;D

the conleys said...

SO funny about the vintage spices :) I love it...

thrilled that you and Cindy get to hang out, can't wait to see you..


sylvia said...

Have fun you two!

Trevlyn said...

Can't wait to see the "live" version! :)


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