Thursday, April 21, 2011


Cindy left yesterday following her fun-filled 2 week stay.
What fun! This old house seems rather quiet now.
Here is a little pictorial account of our playing and doings.
We immediately hit the road for Utah and darling grand Owen's baptism.
This drive started well and we both loved the red rock country.

Just South of Provo we hit really bad weather conditions and they continued until we reached "home" at Dori's in Farmington. This photo is the first morning there and doesn't show how bad it was. It snowed all 3 days there.

The snow in Dori's garden did some damage but most survived.

This dashboard picture confirms just how cold it was.
We each had our seat warmers on at this point.

Sneaky sister took this picture of me while driving and
it looks like I just napped the whole time I was driving....and mouth breathed.
Not so.

Snowy and very icy roads driving home but the scenery was gorgeous.

Big, big accident on the 40 West of Flagstaff had what seemed like a couple of hundred trucks on the side of the road. When we were there the accident had that part of the road closed for 6 - 8 hours. We crept along a 5-6 minute stretch for about 35-40 minutes.
Luckily the I-17 wasn't affected.

Back home to the Arizona sunshine, too high of temps
but pretty mornings, flowers, bird songs and relaxation.
We were grateful for the A/C when necessary in the late afternoon.

Seemed everywhere we drove in the valley we saw clouds of yellow blossoms from the palo verde trees in bloom.

Last day together Cindy fixed us a healthy, delicious lunch salad of tomatoes,
creamy mozzarella cheese and my freshly picked basil from a "garden pot".

Add a drizzle of EVOO, kosher salt, garlic powder and for Cindy
some freshing cracked pepper from our dear mother's old pepper mill.
Cindy is such a good cook and always teaches and inspired me.
Love and thanks dear sister.
I'm sorry I don't have baptism day festivities photos or Nally family fun pictures together here of our swim and Barro's pizza dinner. Maybe I can "snag" some Owen pictures from Annette's blog. It was so great being with all our dears.

Cindy had a much delayed flight but safe trip home.
She's reported she's back in rain, cold and clouds.
I know her summer will be great and I'll be there to have fun with her
and Jody and extended family.

I'm feeling blessed, very blessed with my precious family.

Happy day, msk

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the conleys said...

just LOVING all of these photos. sure feel lucky to have had the two of you come to visit us up north. thanks for taking on the crazy weather to come party with us!

and... now I'm wanting some of that yummy tomato-basil-mozzarella lunch!

love you love you


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