Friday, April 1, 2011

How Did You Spend . . .

. . . your last day of March 2011? The local grands came over for a chilly (water) swim. At least chilly to me. They braved the first dive in and then they said it was great.
This pool is my "grands magnet".

Oh no, don't look, Grammy's taking our picture.

They were back today for another swim, this time all 4 of them. I treated them to a Wen*dy's lunch on a picnic blanket under a shady tree as today we are really, really WARM. I think 78* is the norm this time of year and we are in the upper 90's.

I see I keep a thermometer so I can know. I'm a bit of a weather freak.

The mounted cabinets are all painted by it will be well into the latter part of next week for all the doors and drawers to be finished and installed.

Patience is a virtue.

This week was friend KMS's birthday. She's celebrating it in Hawaii. Rough. I text her a b.d. greeting and she said Big J had just gotten her a birthday lei. Way to go Big J.

Wishing you a mighty fine weekend. I'll be watching General Conference addresses broadcast from Salt Lake City, Utah. A joy. When conference isn't on I'll be putting down shelving paper and restocking the cupboards.

I'll be singing with (okay, along with) the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
They make me sound sooo good.

Click here if you want to know more about Conference
Happy day, msk


the conleys said...

miss that pool! and those kiddos!

and happy birthday to sweet KMS :)

love you love you

Teresa said...

I grandkids like our pool too....but in our area it's still a little bit cold....but they have been known to jump in as early as Feb.
Conference was great!


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