Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dear 3rd Born:

Happy Birthday to the dear boy that had
the " terrible two's"
one day when he was three.
You are a gift to many and I'm so
happy I'm one that your life blesses.

I wish everyone could meet you.

Goofing off with your big brother. Never a better pair of nerds.

At the Missionary Training Center -
oh the tears of your little sisters at this good-bye.

Athlete - volleyball player.

I adore your laugh !!! and smile!!! and smoked pork shoulder!!!
This is just the short list.
Outstanding fly fisherman.
Great blessings to you Andy on your birthday and always.
See you next week.
Love, Mom
Happy day, msk

1 comment:

go boo boo said...

A fantastic tribute to a truly wonderful 38 year old man! xoxo Annette


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