Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blessed Easter Wishes

"However dim our days may seem,
they have been a lot darker for the Savior of the world.
As a reminder of those days;
Jesus has chosen, even in a resurrected,
otherwise perfected body,
to retain for the benefit of His disciples,
the wounds in His hands
and in His feet
and in His side;
sign, if you will,
that painful things happen
even to the pure and the perfect;
sign, if you will,
that pain in this world
is not evidence that God
doesn't love you;
signs, if you will,
that problems pass and
happiness can be ours.
It is the wounded Christ
who is the Captain
of our souls."
-Jeffrey R. Holland

Wishing you a blessed Easter. I will be celebrating my resurrected Savior, friend, example.
Happy day, msk


Teresa said...

Beautiful quote- Thank you
Have a wonderful day

MarySue said...

Thanks Teresa for your comments

Dori Knight said...

Absolutely loved this quote. So simply put, such a wonderful thought, and a great reminder to remember that He carries us with him on his hands and feet. What a great thought to have not just at Easter.....

Julie Harward said...

I love that quote and that image..the image is one of my very favorites, I remember when I first saw it on an Ensign, I fell in love with it! ;D


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