Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Wreath . . .

. . . and spring winds.

I've been checking out the blog Jones Design Company lately, enjoying it a lot and thought I'd pass this info on to you.

Just click here to see the tutorial for making this cute spring linen wreath.
Things are kind of busy, crazy here right now but in case you dropped by for a visit I wanted to make it worth your time.

P.S. We had crazy wind and rain here. Big, big wind gusted in the open kitchen window, tossing the blinds up and knocking down my beloved Kathy's shutter shelf and breaking many of my little 3 a.m. Sadness but life goes on and I will remember to place priorities where they belong and not on "things".
Happy day, msk


Julie Harward said...

Too bad about that wind and your pretty things! I think that same wind came trough here with snow too, but then it was gone so quickly! Love that wreath :D

Lindsay said...

love the wreath!!! I might just have to make one..


Teresa said...

We have had some crazy weather here too.
Sorry about your treasures.....thanks for sharing the wreath idea.
Love the hand written post =)


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