Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Late Tribute

Several months ago SLK and I traveled to California for the funeral of our dear friend Richard P. We became friends with Richard, Linda and girls back in the 80's in Oregon where we attended church together. We were living in a very beautiful, rural area, raising young families . . . and Rex rabbits, gardening, and very active service in our ward/congregation. We all ended up moving and doing other things. Richard and SLK at one time were working for the same company and kept close. Friendship is a wonderful thing!!!

Richard was such an upbeat, happy, smiling, teasing, real-life cowboy who married a talented, gifted, beautiful, hardworking real-life cowgirl although she looked like a model.

Some of the grands.

Linda with daughter's Andy, Leigh and Kim.
Sue B. and daughter Melody drove over from UT to attend, share love and memories and join us. Having the three musketeers reunited was choice even under the circumstance.
Still sending love, prayers and best wishes

Happy day, msk


Julie Harward said...

That was beautiful..friends through thick and thin! :D

Dori Knight said...

While this brings a tear to my eye, it also brings a smile to my face....aren't we blessed to know where we came from and where we go when we leave this life?!?

MarySue said...

I appreciate your comments Julie and Dori.

Leigh said...

Love this. Thank you for posting.



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