Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Views

#1 Oh dear, oh dear. The view of my blog has changed dramatically. All my goodies and links vanished due to my error. With my slow, slow computer it will take me FOREVER to put it back to its original shape. Don't expect that to happen very soon.

#2 If I turn my head to the right (as I sit at my computer and feel sorry for this blog loss) I see this view.
I will consider myself blessed.
Happy day, msk


Julie Harward said...

The net can be tricky thats for sure! I hope you can get it back, meantime, you are so blessed, what a beautiful day there! :D

the conleys said...

what a great shot of the yard!!! ahhhh I miss it. And you, and Dad, and Kirbs, and the Nallys... I need an AZ trip. Love to you all!! Let me know if you want me to help get the blog back up..

Cindy said...

Oh dear, after all your hard work! Oh well, another chance to be creative. Love the view, everything looks so pretty and green---and healthy, even though the recent weather!!! Hugs

nlybbs said...

My first thought was "WEEEEEE!" that slide looks fun! Good luck revamping the blog! Let me know if you need help! I love the new header! :O)


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