Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Invasion

Mom has been having some blog issues and graciously let me, Dori, hack into her account to "fix" it. We'll get Snickerdoodles up and running again soon, but until then, enjoy the frequent blog-overs.

Happy day, msk


Lindsay said...

LOVING THE BLOG OVER!!! and love that mom took all those photos in the header. they look beautiful!

MarySue said...

Linny-Thanks for that shout-out for my beginning photography. Dori did an awesome jog!

Dori Knight said...

I've often felt insecure about how I look when I jog, so it makes me feel better to know my jogging is awesome. ;)

Julie Harward said...

LOL This makes me laugh because I have to have my daughters do the same with me sometimes! I love the header here! :D

MarySue said...

Okay, Dori did an awesome blog for me. She's a great jogger too ;)


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