Saturday, February 26, 2011

An Old Trifty Restored

I purchased this wooden salad bowl set a couple of years ago at a garage sale in my neighborhood. It stayed in my cupboard for about a year, taking up space and not being used. It was just plain ugly...poor thing. I eventually moved it to the garage...we won't go into detail about my garage thank you very much.

New chapter in the story. As I have been sorting through much "stuff" to streamline the home front and also to donate my castoffs to Trevlyn's upcoming garage sale I thought the salad bowl set should go to that. It was in such sad shape I started wondering what I could do to make it more presentable and maybe get a little more cash for it. You noticed my bottle of olive oil didn't you.

A good slathering of oil and I hand rubbed it in and let it set a few minutes before paper toweling it. Not ugly anymore!

I gave the same treatment to servers and bowls. Wow, what a difference.

Look at that pretty grain. Just lovely.
Now I have to make room for it back in the kitchen again. I can't donate this but will gladly use it and I've learned a good lesson. Olive oil, you have so many uses.

Salad anyone?
Happy day, msk


Amanda said...

I was going to go buy it if you did donate it to Trevlyn. They look beautiful!

Becca and fam said...

WOW! Seriously gorgeous! I hope you and my good friend Kirby are doing good over there! When you visit Oregon this summer we want to see you, OK?


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