Monday, February 28, 2011

Auntie Max...

...and my forgetfulness.

This is my precious cut crystal biscuit barrel. I inherited it from dear Auntie Max (my mother's sister) and it is a treasure to me. I'm very grateful not just for it but that my aunt gifted me and the treasured memories of her. These are very British. Biscuit is cookie in the UK.
Biscuit barrels & their history (from
Charming relics of a more gracious era, the first biscuit barrels appeared in England c.1860 and were very popular through the late 1930s.

Manufactured in an astonishing array of largely floral and Chinoise-influenced patterns, they were proudly brought out when serving biscuits at tea time, luncheon, or whenever the occasion warranted. Beautifully decorated, some with sterling silver lids and handles, they were never airtight and weren't designed to be used for storage. They were intended to beautify the table.

I've never used mine for "biscuits" but usually keep it loaded with candies for the grands and visitors.
Now for the "forgetfulness" part of my ramble.

As in the past, I planned on having the grands over during the Christmas holiday to make a "kisses" Christmas tree. Here are online photos I found in case you were at a loss as to just what I'm talking about.

Wellllll, I put my kisses, toothpicks and foam cone in the spare room and then forgot all about them. I'm sorry. I'm embarrassed. I discovered them after the holidays and wondered just what I was going to do with them. Especially since I'm still on my self-imposed 40 day no sugar challenge.

I decided to open both bags and sort by color.
A great activity for this senior citizen.
Not too stressful.
I did it without any help.
It didn't take me much time.
(I hope you are laughing now and know my humor; I'll be happy if you're just smiling...shaking your head?)

The reds and half the silvers are my Valentine treats for any grands or visitors.

And I'm all ready for my March St. Paddy's day long as I remember where I put them!

Happy day, msk

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Jody said...

The candy was a great idea! You are sooooo smart. love ya


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