Monday, January 10, 2011

What the Freeze Did

We are out of our cold snap and I'm enjoying our sunny, warm, usual winter.
Nonetheless, here is some of my backyard damage.

Bougainvillea had Christmas lights put on it to help it survive. Only the lower branches got the lights and that portion has made it. The top is freezer-burned and crispie.

Half of the beautiful blue Cape Plumbago burned but that reminds me that half is okay.

Even though this lantana was covered it just didn't make it....
along with all the other lantana in the yard.

This little French lavender is fine but the vinca next to it is a loss.

The cannas didn't make it either.

I'm not crying. I'm rather okay and thinking when I replace some of these plants I'll just be getting hardier ones.
Still loving my Arizona winters.
Happy day, msk


Julie Harward said...

I guess the earth changes all over, even if it is just a bit. So sad what happen there in Arizona with that shooting. It amazes me every time something like that happens!

Cindy said...

Oh No!!!! Some of my favorites of your plants! Hope the plumbago comes back--I wonder if there's any chance for the cannas--since they are a bulb, maybe you can cut the foliage and see if anything struggles back up.Awful about the lantanas, they were so big---that turned them into annuals, like they are up here. You have 3 months to get that back yard back in shape so I can park myself in it and ooh and aah. love you, Cin

go boo boo said...

You'd be surprised what comes back after a long winter! I hope they survive!

Amanda said...

Cut back those lantana's and they will grow back quick! Same for that bogavia


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