Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Girls/Cousins Summer Getaway

Most of you that read my little blog know of my delight being with my two sisters Cindy and Jody and cousins Tammy and Skippie in Oregon in the summer.

The past three summers we have spent 3 days at Skippie and Garry lake house on Lake Billy Chinook. Our first summer there, as cousins, we attended church in a firehouse. We cousins sang-out with gusto (even if I wasn't familiar with hymns this little congregation sang).

The kind folks there commented on our singing and as the next summer approached we found out that we were expected/invited to sing in church. We are not all members of the same church, but we find music, hymns that we can all agree on and we do sing praises.

As we drove to the lake house we went past the fire house and look at the sign some of those good-hearted folks put up. To say we were surprised is an understatement.

And we had a "name".
Last summer we were in an outside location and Skippie's granddaughter joined us on one song. She's got the right stuff.
From left to right: Tammy who has been choir director at The First Christian Church of Milton-Freewater, Oregon in the recent past is our leader and can beautifully reach the high soprano. Cindy is our gifted alto and can pull a harmony out of thin air. Me, just trying not to draw attention. Skippie is the summer music leader for this dear group of followers and just sings whatever Tammy tells her to sing with goodness. Jody has a fine voice but doesn't believe us and sings with great love from her heart.

And here we are on Saturday, minus Jody, loving family, heritage and boating.
Ladies, you are such a blessing in my life.
Though Garry is not pictured, he is our boat captain and always seems to appreciate our singing.
My but I'm having fun going through my camera, finally getting photos on the blog and reliving such fun memories. Thanks for going on this journey with me.
Happy day, msk


Julie Harward said...

A sweet story, thanks for sharing it. It must have been so much fun! :D

Jody said...

la la la, me me me!!! How did that sound? So sorry I wasn't in the boat picture. (not really) Love and Hugs

the conleys said...

I love these photos!! would have loved to hear the "5 cousin" performance! maybe you should start touring..?

love you :)

Cindy said...

Such fun memories---can't wait 'til next summer! C.


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