Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Green

Once again, I'm going through old photographs I've taken during 2010 and thought I'd share some before the old delete is put to use.

Here's some things that I thought I just had to capture.

Moss growing on tree outside Jody's family room window.

The first of several greens I fell in love with at Lake Oswego Farmers Market (I'd just gotten my new camera and was trying it on on EVERYTHING).




Bibb lettuce



and more succulents
(Linny had just told me she loved succulents so every time I saw them I snapped a pic)

Cindy's bottled spicy pickles "to die for"

Jody's barn after her grands went "Picasso" with chalk-so fun

Grassy hill for my grands to roll down at Cherry Hill Park

Grands having a ball up Mill Creek Canyon

and more fun for Tessa at Mill Creek

My scanty watermelon harvest of first watermelon planting ever.

Green pasture behind Jody's but of course the thrill was this whacky trim on the neighbors llama

Grands in front the the "famous" (to us) banana tree on the Mesa Temple grounds

A view from Jody's front yard on an October afternoon

Okay, I'm stretching it a bit the next two....but Andy is relaxing at Thanksgiving in my green lawn chair and there is quite a bit of greenery growing so this qualifies.

The other stretch....the water really wasn't green for H's swim meet but it's close and I wanted to share this pic.
Again, wishing you a colorful New Year with love.
Happy day, msk


Trevlyn said...

What fun! I love this - especially Tessa jumping over the creek...haven't seen it before!

the conleys said...

these are all so fun!! that last photo of Jody's house is just gorgeous... and now I want to try out Cindy's pickles. look so yummy!!

and yes, I loved the succulent photos :)


Jody said...

I love all your green pics. It seems like a collage should be made with them! Really like the Oregon ones. Hurry back XO's

Frenchy said...

Very fun pictures ! Love your veggies :)


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