Thursday, January 6, 2011

I thought I'd share a holiday memory that I had with
my daughter Trevlyn and grand Tessa last month.
We attended the Nutcracker Ballet at the beautiful Orpheum Theater.
Here we are just before we go inside.

This very old theater was originally a burlesque theater and
the craftsmanship is remarkable.

The carvings are just grand and very ornate.

Here are Trevlyn and Tessa ascending the elegant spiral staircase.

A better view of the spiral staircase.

The ceiling lighting changes; the blue in more spectacular
but I captured it in the pink stage.
I love the murals and carvings. Even without the ballet I felt I'd had
a wonderful evening visually and architecturally.

Thanks sweet girls for my wonderful memory with you both.

Happy day, msk

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