Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a great and incredible day!
A day of free election. A great country too!
A day to "voice" your opinion...whatever that may be.
I made sure that I mailed in my ballot before I left the state last week. We had a HUGE ballot. Two long columns of judges on which to vote...so I called my good friend and attorney Kent C. for some info. I studied the propositions, read and reread them. I filled in all the "blanks" and sealed it up...actually SLK was going to look over who I voted for or not in the judge catagory and then he actually sealed and mailed it for me.
Election day here in OR was very foggy well into the afternoon.
Below is the view from the family room where I am crocheting yet another flannel baby blanket. I'll share pictures soon. I'm also making cinnamon rolls and cheese and broccoli soup for dinner. It's fun to have dinner ready for J&E in the evening.

Here is my footwear that keeps my tootsies toastie.
Yes, I look like a troll when I proudly wear them.
Wishing you all a . . .
Happy day, msk

1 comment:

the conleys said...

love the "footwear". I love wearing mine... all thanks to that fabulous sister of yours.


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