Monday, November 1, 2010

Shades of Gray

Winnie the Po*oh would call this a
very blustery day!!!
And I'm loving it. So un-Phoenix.
I'm wearing sweaters alot and that's fun for me. I will admit to sitting right in front of the portable heater in the family room this morning between runs to the laundry room as I chose to wash all the table linens from the reception. It's a good thing.
Here are some random (what's new) Oregon shots.

The onions I harvested from Jody's garden.

I stepped out of the car yesterday when we got to church and was greeted by these fabulous leaves in the parking lot. Just had to whip out that phone for the pic.

Then I looked up and this was the tree under which we parked.
For an AZ gal this is pretty wonderful. Even with my photo session we were not late for church.

Spotted this at the grocery store bakery. Getting really high-end. Looked so cute.

More of Jody's harvest...heirloom tomatoes that taste out of this world great and more onions.
What's your weather like today?

Happy day, msk


Julie Harward said...

Loved what you shared here...our weather is perfect for fall. My walk today was awesome, 55 degrees with the slightest little that! :D

Trevlyn said...

Great photos! Tessa and I walked the dogs once the sun set. Nuf said!


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