Saturday, November 20, 2010

I think I am in love. . .
with this quilt.
I spotted it over at Two Little Banshees blog.
I am not a quilter.
Oh, I've tied a few quilts in-my-day but I am not a quilter.
This was labeled Square Quilt.
Anyone out there wanting to teach me?
I am a fairly fast learner.
Pleasant to be around.
Have a nifty 1950ish Singer sewing machine
that purrrs.
Am in no big hurry or will hurry if you want me to.
Putting this out there could end up hurting
if no one responds.
Happy day, msk


tessa said...

Well, I'm not a quilter but I wish I were just because you are so pleasant to be around:) Please share if you decide to do it. I'm sure it will be lovely

Julie Harward said...

I know a expert quilter and she even gives lessons..but you'll have to come stay with me to take her class! ;D

Amanda said...

Isn't Lori V. a quilter?

MarySue said...

Wow, my heart is overjoyed with this response. Thank you. I'll keep you posted on any progress I make toward being a quilter...or if I'm packing a bag and heading to Julie's ;)


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